Space Heather Safety

Many people use space heaters to help warm a space. If used incorrectly or not as intended, a fire could start, an electrical shock could occur, and carbon monoxide may be produced if the heater burns fuel. Read tips for safe use from our friends at State Auto Insurance Companies. Click the image to read or download the space heater safety sheet.

image of downloadable PDF of Space heater safety Click the image to read or download the space heater safety sheet.

Winter Safety – Driving and Skids

Losing control of a car is undoubtedly one of the most frightening experiences behind the wheel. Unfortunately, it is a potential side effect when the temperatures turn frigid and the roads get slick with ice or snow. 

One of the most dangerous winter driving hazards is skidding, which, at high speeds, could result in a nasty crash. To prevent an unnecessary skid, slip or accident, click the image to read or download accident prevention techniques.

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image of driver safety pdf click the image to read or download  the PDF
Click the image to read or download the article in PDF.

Hunting Safety Tips

Did You Know?

Every year, hunters are injured and killed as a result of preventable accidents. Your local Department of Natural Resources can provide you with information about state licensing regulations and the requirements for hunter’s safety education. During education courses, you will learn how accidents occur and are prevented, and how to operate a firearm safely.

Click the image to read or download the article in PDF. Contact us for more information or request an insurance quote.

image of Hunting Safety Tips in PDF click the image to read or download the article in PDF
Click the image to read or download the article in PDF.

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween celebrations can come with a range of fun activities and lead to lasting memories for your children. However, these festivities can also carry serious safety risks. That’s why it’s important to have precautions in place to protect your kids from the risk of Halloween-related injuries or accidents. Keep reading for an outline of Halloween safety tips for your kids. Click the graphic to view and download the safety tips.

PDF of Halloween safety tips

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Fall signals cooler weather, and the pleasant temperatures let you comfortably do necessary fall home maintenance before winter arrives. By taking the time to maintain your home each season, you can keep common household problems at bay. Click the image to view and download the full infographic.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts. Clear leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts to prevent flooding and freezing around your foundation. Check Your Roof
for Signs of Damage. Carefully check your roof for signs of leaks or other damage. Fall is a good time to hire a professional to perform a roof inspection. Check Furnace Filters. Inspect your furnace and replace the furnace filters. Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors. Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. It’s best to replace batteries annually. A good reminder is when daylight savings time ends in November. Prep Your Lawn. Rake leaves, fertilize and aerate your lawn, so you are prepared when spring arrives. Store Hoses. Remove hoses from spigots. Drain and store them indoors, ensuring they are coiled and flat. Stock Up on Wood or Pellets. If you have a fireplace
or woodstove, it’s a good idea to stock up on wood or pellets during the fall months before winter hits. Swap Window Screens for Storm Windows. Remove screens and install storm windows. Clean
and repair screens before storing them in the basement or garage. Clean Windows and Doors. Clean windows and any sliding door tracks to ensure they operate smoothly all year long. Drain Gas From Yard Equipment. Empty gas from your lawn tools before winter arrives. Gasoline can damage rubber parts if it’s left in equipment.