One Size Does Not Fit All in Cyber Security

Think back to studying fractions in elementary school mathematics.  The common denominator represented a number that could be related to all denominators in a group of fractions.  The numerator could be any number, though.  It didn’t have to be a multiple of others in a group.  You solved the problem to identify the numerator, the variable.

Now you’re all grown up, and you haven’t thought about fractions for years.  But you’re still solving for that variable, and in ways that can impact your organization’s reputation and financial performance.  The common denominator these days is cyber security, but the numerator represents the different ways to achieve it, depending on the size and function of the organization.  Clearly, no one size fits all.

For sophisticated larger organizations, better visibility and accountability should be built into the organization’s cyber policies. Continuous controls monitoring (CCM), which measures cyber security on an ongoing basis based on the spectrum of tools deployed, holds promise for these types of organizations.  

An integrated and holistic measure of cybersecurity, indicating gaps and priorities, can provide an important framework and data source for larger organizations.  This holistic approach also helps to enable responses to increased regulatory oversight being driven by government authorities.

Smaller organizations, of course, are no less at risk.  They can achieve cyber security through services organizations, such as specialized managed security service providers, or more general managed service providers.  Those platforms can help ensure against cyber attacks.  More options remain available, based on cost and complexity.

While every business must guard its information against cyber criminals, the means to do so remain open to customization and interpretation.  To control that variable, talk with the professionals at Evergreen Insurance about cybersecurity protection for your enterprise.

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