Contractual Review: Ensuring that Your Coverage is Enough

Interesting how commitments can accumulate when you’re not looking, isn’t it?

You click on a subscription, you agree to get regular updates from a retailer, you cite a preference for a particular brand. And before you know it, funds have been deducted from your checking account, your email inbox gets choked with nuisance messages, and you can’t seem to escape online ads for something for which you are rapidly losing interest.

What began innocently can end up causing issues that can cost time, money, and patience. The same principle applies to insurance coverage, as a business enters into contracts with partners, suppliers, and vendors.

These agreements are recognized as necessary to conduct, expand, and protect a business’ interests. They make complete sense, and can serve a vital purpose. But caution must be taken when entering these arrangements, to make sure that the business’ insurance policies extend to the terms of any new contracts.

Terms and conditions of insurance coverages are written to specific situations – situations that may take on new wrinkles and specifics under new contractual agreements. The last thing any business owner needs or wants is to discover down the road that a partnership or other agreement under contract with another entity means an existing policy does not offer sufficient coverage.

Working with your insurance provider to conduct a contractual review represents an easy way to safeguard against getting caught in such a scenario.

Contracts and agreements accumulate over time. That’s smart business, typically. Benign, even. Just make sure that your insurance coverage keeps up with the terms of any new situation, to avoid costing you time, money, and patience.

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